A documentary movie about Adam Ondra´s way to the top of world´s sport climbing scene.

    Spend one year traveling with Adam Ondra and get all important facts about his climbing life, discover the secret of his succes and learn about his personality.

    In the first round, we release 720P version of the movie.
    We recomend you to use amazing VLC PLAYER
    DON´T USE GOOGLE CHROME to download it please, it can not handle such a big file well!!!

     If you have any troubles downloading or playing it, please write to bernartwood@seznam.cz
    Do not forget to add your Transaction ID please, we will do everything we can to fix it as soon as possible. 

    Price 16EUR, English version, resolution 1280x720, MP4, 3,3GB


  • Today we distribute the movie to some of the leading climbing media, in order to get the first feedback and reviews. Very soon after that we release public distribution of the movie. In the comments below THIS ARTICLE you can find more current information about the distribution and about the background of the movie. 

  • NEW VIDEOS28.12.2011

  • In the VIDEOS section, you can watch 2 new videos. In the first one, Alexander Huber talks about Adam Ondra. In the second one, you can enjoy Adam doing his first two 8C boulders. 


  • To make waiting for the movie shorter, in the VIDEO SECTION there is a new small preview of the shots from Siurana - Spain. Adam Ondra is working 2 very different 9b routes in Siurana - Spain. The movie will be finished when it is finished, it is our best interest to make it first well and secondly as soon as possible, but it is terribly hard work to put 80 hours of good shots and information about this little big man into one movie. I just say that is in a very advanced level of editing now...  Petr P.


  •  We would also like to wish you a nice and calm Christmas. Of course, we have a little gift for you! Please visit the section VIDEOS and you will find there a brand new short movie about superhard climbing in german Frankenjura - DER HEILIGE GRAL 9a. This amazing and acrobatic hard route has no space in the main movie, but anyway, it is 9a and Adam made it on the 2nd go in a really remarkable style...

  • WEB LAUNCHED - WELCOME24.12.2010

  • We are pleased to tell you, that our web, dedicated to the movie about Adam Ondra, has started right now! 
    Step by step, we will give you all the important information about the upcoming movie. To make the waiting more interesting, we will add several trailers and short movies from the routes, that will not appear in the main movie! 
    All the texts, videos and almost all the photos (if not written differently) here are made by Petr Pavlíček - BERNARTWOOD. Design of this website was done by young designer and film-editor Jan Švejkar. If you have any question, note or suggestion, feel free to write us - starting from today!
    In the name of Adam, in the name of our dear PARTNERS and in the name of BERNARTWOODwelcome in our "little project" ;-)

  • NEW AMAZING MUSIC20.12.2010

  • I am very pleased to tell you, that we made a deal with another great musicians. Positive energy will be spread by the vibes of the amazing swiss climbing band Al-Berto & the Fried Bikinis.

    Dramatic atmosphere in the movie will be evoked through the music of a talented czech composer Jiří HájekAny other tips??


  • Today I filled the section PHOTOS. Besides "Bernartwood photos", I used several very nice shots from our friends: Vojtěch Vrzba www.climb4fun.cz, Petr Pepe Piechowicz - www.photopepe.com, Pavel Nesvatba, Jitka Mázlová, Barbora Vávrová. Special attention deserve old pictures of small Adam Ondra from the Eva Ondrová archive. Another pictures will follow.


  • Please give your attention to our dear friends, who help us make this hard film project true. Thank you for your trust and support!

  • WEB START14.12.2010

  • Today, I start working this new web-page, dedicated to the climbing movie about supertalented climber Adam Ondra. Here you will find pictures, short video previews, important information about releasing and distributing the movie etc. I hope you will enjoy it!

    Healthy joints, good friction and endless inspiration wishes you the film-maker PETR PAVLICEK